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Preserving range of motion is key to a rapid recovery and is why managing swelling is paramount. 


Swelling delays recovery more than any factor! 


The FirStep Kit makes ankle first aid fast, easy and convenient.

FirStep Includes:

Two (2) skin safe, latex-free, self-adhering donut pads crafted from top quality closed cell, non-absorbent foam


One (1) heavy duty elastic wrap with Velcro hook closures


Simple instructions make for quick application to self or others in need.

Swelling delays recovery more than any factor!

Video: Sports Medicine Specialist, Eric McCarty, MD explains focal compression and the advantages of FirStep™ Fast Ankle Care.

Eric McCarty MD - Focal Compression Vide

Focal compression is the most effective method to prevent swelling and also the best way to resolve swelling at any point in the injury cycle. Ice won’t prevent swelling and isn’t as effective as a proper focal compression wrap at resolving it. 


You must have normal joint motion to start rehab exercises. It’s easier to retain range of motion (ROM) by preventing swelling than it is to regain ROM by resolving it. This is key to a rapid recovery and why managing swelling is paramount.


A wrap, by itself, forces swelling to fill the divots around the ankle knobs robbing joint motion, which, is exactly what you don’t want. A focal compression wrap’s u-shaped or donut pads fill the hollow areas providing equal pressure around the ankle. This keeps swelling from collecting in, or, forces swelling out of these areas.​

donut pads

bulk packs

Options for Spare Pads and Bulk Donut Packs -

Standard 3/8" thickness:

  Spare Pair (2) - $6.95

  10 pack - $24.95

  25 pack - $49.95



ankle care 


1. Peel backing on first donut and apply to outer ankle 

2. Peel and apply second donut to inner ankle

3. Wrap ankle in a circular pattern starting from the bottom of your foot ✓

FirStep Tutorial Screenshot.jpg