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Dave Rubio, Head Volleyball Coach

University of Arizona

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Athletes playing jumping sports need to think of ankle braces as standard gear, just like shoes, socks and knee pads. Front line players in volleyball are at the highest risk for injury in all sports. We’ve already seen the R3 protect our kids. The science that’s behind this brace is why it works best and why it’s my brace of choice.

Doug West, Head Team Athletic Trainer

University of Iowa.

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This support system’s characteristics are unique, allowing for many applications. R3’s strut provides a mechanical stop at the end range of motion. It worked well with our ankle concerns, including high ankle sprains. I believe the R3 System has the potential to vastly improve ankle protection across all sports.

Mike Burns, ATC - Supervising Athletic Trainer

UC Irvine - Irvine, CA

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I’ve had men’s basketball players in the R3s the past two seasons. One of our “bigs” that wears the R3 is the hardest worker I’ve ever known.  He loves the brace and believes it’s saved him many times. I believe the R3’s design platform is a game changer for how ankles are protected in the future.

Steven Grech, Asst. Athletic Director

Sports Medicine - Cal State Northridge

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I received positive feedback on your R3 ankle support from a men’s basketball player that recently sprained his ankle.  I had him try the support and he immediately liked it.  It gave him confidence to return to practice and games with its added stability. 

Sara D. Wait, M.Ed, Head Athletic Trainer

Bellevue HS (WA)

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I Taped-In R3 Struts on two HS football athletes. They were pleased it didn’t limit motion and fit well in shoes. The R3 was quite beneficial, it makes standard tape jobs sturdier & stronger for an extended period.  No re-injury occurred with the R3. Both athletes competed in the WA 3A State Championship at full potential.

Tim Nordensson - Head Juniors /Assistant

D1 Volleyball Coach


Our Team used R3’s the past two seasons. Several times girls came down on a team mate’s or opponent’s foot and were able to roll out of the injury. The R3’s protection saved Them for sure. This brace works well.

LeShun Daniels, Jr - University of Iowa & NFL Running Back


The R3 Ankle Support helped me regain my confidence after a high ankle sprain. I ended up rushing for 1,000 yards that season at Iowa. Our athletic trainer taped it on at first. I found that it felt more supportive and was adjustable with standard straps. After two minutes, I didn’t know it was there.

Claire - Juniors Club Player

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I had injured both of my ankles before, so, wearing ankle braces is really important. The R3 feels like a tape job that is easier to move around in and doesn’t restrict you when jumping or weaken after ten minutes of play.

Jade Turner - Middle Blocker  Wildcats


The R3 is the only ankle brace I could wear comfortably. I played two seasons at middle blocker with them, they protected me well. You don’t even know you have them on, until you need them.

Hanah - Juniors Club Player

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The R3 is easy to move in and they’re small, not bulky like other braces I’ve worn. There are times that I can tell that I’m going to land weird from a jump and they provide a lot of support so nothing happens to my ankles.

Andrea - Juniors Club Player

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The R3 is much faster and easier to put on than the other braces I’ve used and it controls ankle roll motion much better. I’ve landed on another player’s foot wearing the R3 and escaped injury.

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