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Tactical Pads are ideal for improving protective gear already in use or to customize active apparel for better fit, feel and function. They work well where protection is desired but bulk is not, such as under compression gear, socks and sleeves. The Stick-N-Stack Tactical pads also work well in footwear, gloves and helmets.

Comfort &


Sometimes it’s what you don’t pad that makes a big difference.


Stick-N-Stack™ Pad Technology is designed to optimize protection while minimizing the material required. Adjustable pad thickness and shape allows you to protect injured areas or areas likely to be injured that may be poorly protected by built-in and pull-on pads. Eliminating pressure on tender areas while still protecting them lets you play hard without discomfort.



Pressure sensitive adhesive insures that these pads will stay where you put them, which, is a problem with many pads.

The Stick-N-Stack™ design eliminates pressure where it’s unwanted, improves protection where it’s needed most and reduces weight and heat retention.

Injury prevention and rapid recovery start with a tactical approach to protection and customizing your athletic gear is a perfect place to start. 

Skin Safe latex-free

Skin safe, latex-free qualities make it equally usable applied direct to skin or on apparel. High-quality, closed cell foam is very flexible, resilient and will not absorb moisture.

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