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Unmatched Protection

The R3 provides more than 2X the ankle roll resistance at 1/2 the weight of old style supports

with full normal motion intact.


protection To Ankle,

Not Ankle To protection


R3's sleek strut is a match to ankle geometry, providing an advanced fit, feel and function far superior to old style lace up and stirrup supports. A few periods of wear mold the R3 into a custom fit that integrates well into most footwear.

The R3 signature strut is a custom fit mechanism that forms to the ankle - shown here Left side from small to extra large, then extra large to small of the Right ankle strut




The R3 protects without compromising ankle motion and enhances reflex response “You forget it’s there until you need it” is the confident remark of many users.

R3 Ankle Brace is shown integrating with several types of athletic footwear like cleats and trainers, some athletes prefer to wear R3 inside the shoe, others wrap the straps around the outside of their footwear, center image shows the R3 brace on an anatomical foot model depicting the major foot bones, muscles and tendons


the R3




Resisting ankle roll is the most important function of ankle

protection. R3's dynamic roll resisting reflex & mechanical end range of motion stop check ankle roll to prevent or minimize ankle injuries in that critical split-second.

Illustration of a lateral ankle roll where the top of the foot is rolling unnaturally towards the ground, image of R3 brace shows how the function of the brace helps STOP the lateral roll motion in the ankle

anatomy of the R3

The R3 Pro HD Ankle Brace is displayed on a socked foot - the main component is the smooth ergonomic strut that is strategically held in place by two straps

R3’s injection molded thermoplastic strut

is the heart of the system. It’s dynamically engineered for a Rapid Reflex to lateral ankle roll (inversion), diverting force away from oft injured structures. Its low profile allows for shoe integration, further enhancing performance. It can also be integrated into a lace up support, which, vastly improves its performance. The flex modulus of the strut, i.e. stiffness, is calibrated in three variations, Sport (Standard), Pro HD (Heavy Duty) and Hero (Extreme). Considering the wearer’s physical stature, sport or activity, position, footwear, playing surface, injury status, gender and activity’s duration and intensity in the selection process will optimize R3’s fit, feel and function. It’s the first off the shelf custom in the category.



Three Unique Strut Styles Pictured: R3 Sport is the most flexible strut and is white with black trim, R3 Pro HD is for heavy duty wear and is black with black trim, last option is R3 Hero our most firm and fierce strut for maximum protection and is grey with black trim

I love the science behind this brace.

It’s why it works best and why

it’s my brace of choice.

David Rubio

D1 Head volleyball Coach

university of arizona

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