Ankle Injury



The biggest mistake in ankle care happens in the the first minutes after an injury?

Delaying treatment awaiting diagnosis or seeking ice is THE biggest mistake in ankle first aid. 

ankle INJURY 


Ankle sprains are the most common injuries in sports. They are easy to self-manage with a bit of knowledge and preparation.


Ankle First Aid

85% of all ankle injuries are sprains. Of these, 85% are lateral sprains, the “I rolled my ankle” injury not requiring medical help. Preventing or resolving swelling is the key to retaining motion and strength, critical to a rapid recovery.

  • Immediate Care - use of a focal compression wrap is the most important "first step", not ice

  • The severity of injury - doesn't change the  early  treatment plan, so, a diagnosis isn't needed prior treatment

  • Delaying treatment - is the big mistake most people make

  • Can’t stand on injury - see a doctor, don’t delay treatment

  • Keep an ankle care kit on hand where ever you're active



The FirStep Kit makes this method fast, easy and convenient.

Two (2) skin safe, latex-free, self-adhering donut pads crafted from top quality closed cell, non-absorbent foam


One (1) heavy duty elastic wrap with Velcro hook closures


Simple instructions make for quick application to self or others in need.


You’ll be miles ahead on the road to a rapid recovery with a FirStep Kit in your bag.



Parts 1-6: understanding ankle care & Rapid Recovery from ANkle Injuries

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