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pt. 5

Clinician & User Testimonials

It’s a battle against time…

"The consequences of most injuries are determined by what is done immediately after they occur. Ankle injuries are treated the same on the front end regardless of their severity. Preventing swelling is key. Early use of a proper focal compression wrap is the paramount measure for preserving ankle motion and strength. It makes a huge difference. Delaying treatment awaiting a diagnosis is the big mistake most people make."

James G. Garrick, MD - Orthopedic Surgeon, Author & Sports Medicine Pioneer

Woman is touching her injured ankle on w

Go figure…

"I bought two kits from you a year ago at the AVCA Convention. Luckily, I went all year without having to use them and then, in two practices, in two weeks I've used them both. One was just last night. Go figure… Both were mild sprains, but it was great to have something on hand for immediate use especially when no ice is available, which is most of the time. The kit works great. I've reordered a couple more now. Thanks!"  Cynthina B. - Volleyball Coach - Shelter Island, NY


My daughter is back on the court this morning…

"I bought a FirStep Ankle Kit at the Mid-East National Qualifier in St. Louis after my sixteen-year-old daughter went down with an ankle injury.  I thought she was out. The next morning I bought a kit for every kid on our team as my daughter was back on the court and ready to play. Fantastic product!" 

Tom C. - Parent of a USA Junior’s Volleyball Player - St. Charles, MO

Improving compliance, a great solution…


"We had the opportunity at Navy to improve our standard of care for the early management of ankle injuries by doing product development work resulting in a ninety-day trial of overnight compression wrap therapy to manage swelling. Our athlete compliance, recovery time and costs all improved significantly using the self-adhering FirStep™ Donut Pads from Protekt Motion.


The self-adhering feature of the pad is important. It allows one to shower or do cold-water therapy with the pads in place. The problem of an unassisted re-wrap, of trying to hold non-adhesive pads with one hand and wrap with the other, is resolved as both hands are now free to secure the wrap.  


We had 100% athlete compliance with the FirStep™ Donut Pads for overnight compression wrap therapy compared to an approximate norm of 75% with non-adhesive pads. This solved our major early therapy issue." Ray Chronister, ATC - Head Team Athletic Trainer - US Naval Academy (Retired)

We thought she was done…


"It was another Memorial Day weekend in Reno, NV at the JAM ON IT Basketball Tournament.  We had a good shot at winning our division. My number one player, ok, she’s also my daughter, rolled her ankle on a teammate’s foot. You were kind enough to help me apply your FirStep kit to her injured ankle.  We were sure she was done and our shot at the championship was over. I couldn’t believe it, the next day she was able to play. We went on to win it all. FirStep made a believer out of me!"

Jeff S. - Basketball Coach, Los Angeles, CA

Human Ankle pain with an anatomy injury

When you’re out in the Boondocks…

"I’ve been a Surveyor and Land Appraiser with the State Highway Depart most of my career.  Traversing rough terrain is a daily occupational hazard. We are often a considerable walk from our vehicles and any first aid gear.  Recently, I rolled my ankle on the job. A friend supplied me with a FirStep™ Fast Ankle Care Kit that night at home.  I couldn’t believe how well it took care of the swelling. It was gone the next morning. I wore it overnight and all the next day and night.  It was comfortable, easy to adjust and re-wrap. The peel and stick donut pads stayed on through two days of showers. I pulled them off on the third day and used the wrap for comfort and support for a week.  I keep a FirStep Kit in the glove box of my vehicles, at home and on the job.  I coach youth soccer. FirStep should be a standard in every coach/team’s first aid kit."   Andrew R. - Littleton, CO

FirStep day after injury.jpg

In the final segment, Part 6 you will find our Complete Trainer's Guide to the FirStep™ Kit for rapid recovery after an ankle injury.

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