how does it protect you? 

We have to look at how they stop motion at the end range-of-motion where the ligament is going to become sprained.

Doug West

Senior Athletic Trainer at The University of Iowa


ankle Protection 


Ankle roll resistance is the most important protection factor of ankle brace performance. Tape and common braces fall well short on the protection scale. Protecting the ankle’s natural “roll resisting reflex” (R3) without compromising joint motion, comfort or footwear fit are critical design elements of effective ankle support missing from most braces.


the criteria

R3’s Sleek anatomic profile and mechanical underpinnings provide unmatched fit, feel and function. Tests show R3 has as much as three times the resistance to ankle roll of tape or standard braces. Dynamic response to lateral ankle roll diverts force in that critical split second. Footwear integration enhances protection, without effecting shoe fit, joint motion or athletic performance. Unlike most ankle supports, the R3 is built to protect all ankles, in all footwear, all the time. No ankle support prevents all injuries, but, the R3 gives you the best chance of minimizing or avoiding ankle injuries.


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