If you routinely participate in the common activities that produce the abundance of ankle injuries it is a good idea to protect yourself while doing so. The most significant factors in choosing the right protection are your weight, prior injury status and the risk involved in your activity.
Sports Activites Inducing Injury
Jumping in crowded space
Making sharp cuts while running
Falling while in contact with others
Impact from downhill & motor sports
Trail running on rough terrain
Non-Sports Activites Inducing Injury
Slipping while traversing stairs
Walking or hiking on uneven ground
Slipping on slick or frozen surfaces
Stepping of curbs and ladders
R3 Ankle Brace Options
R3 Sport

An ankle brace for every ankle, every sport/activity, every day on everybody that weighs under 250 pounds.

Offered in S-XL.

R3 Pro HD

Heavy duty brace for bigger, stronger set subject to greater injury or reinjury risk. You weigh more than 250 pounds, or, need a higher level of protection for a previously injured ankle.

Offered in S-XL.

R3 Hero

For high impact concerns and use in exterior footwear applications for; military/special forces/paratrooper, law enforcement, mountain bike & motorsport racers, rodeo and others subjected to extreme conditions where greater than normal body forces can cause ankle injuries.

Offered in Large & XL only.

This is a general guide, select the R3 Sport if you're unsure. If you have any questions  please contact us!


If you have a previously injured ankle, data shows that it is more likely to be re-injured than an ankle that's never been injured. In this case, you may want to use a more resistant strut. If this guide shows you're in the R3 Sport range you may want to consider the R3 Pro HD for your previously injured ankle. This is contingent upon having regained full pain-free range of motion with zero or minimal residual pressure point pain. Use of a compression sleeve between your sock and brace is recommended for these conditions.

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