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pt. 4

OverNight Ankle Care™- The Fast Track to Bouncing Back

“Wouldn’t it be great if” begins many a thought provoking question that often leads to a spark of innovation, resulting in a new or improved solution to a given need.  With ankle injuries it might read as, wouldn’t it be great if the best immediate treatment for preventing swelling was also the best way to resolve swelling that occurred, even if it was the next day before it was applied? In fact, that is the case.

Focal compression from the FirStep™ Fast Ankle Care Kit is not only the most import initial treatment for preventing swelling, but is also the best way to resolve swelling at any point in the injury management cycle. 

Keeping it Simple


The initial phase of treating an ankle injury focuses on just one thing, managing swelling.  Nothing is as important. Often these injuries occur in precarious circumstances.  Youngsters participating in activities away from home and parents are most commonly affected.  In general, both the first aid and information the injured party is provided are completely inadequate. So, in order of importance, here are the three things on which to focus over the first 24-48 hours, especially taking advantage of the body’s best re-cooperation time, at rest in bed overnight.

DIY Ankle First Aid - Simple, Skin-Safe, Latex-Free

1. Focal compression wrap - “Preventing Swelling is Paramount” speaks to this well-proven and most important initial treatment of focal compression.  The FirStep™ Fast Ankle Care Kit is the easiest way to employ this therapy (home-made substitutions are mentioned in Volume 2). Follow the directions provided with the kit. Keep it on for at least 36 hours. It doesn’t get any simpler.


2. Elevate the end of your bed - Place a pillow, suitcase, folded blanket or phone book between the mattress and box spring at the foot of the bed.  This will keep your injured ankle just slightly above the level of your heart as you sleep. This is much easier, more effective and comfortable than trying to keep your foot nested on a pillow under the sheets.


3. Early non-weight bearing motion - As pain subsides from the injury you’ll greatly benefit from movement in your foot and ankle.  A common description is to write the alphabet with your big toe as the pencil. It will be best to keep your ankle elevated with your lower leg on the arm of a chair or stool as you write.  Again, the wrap stays in place while this is done.


These three simple steps will make a huge difference in your recovery.  You’ll be miles ahead in getting on to rehabilitation and back to normal activity.  Proper preparation always improves performance. Those motivated to perform are also motivated to recover. Prepare with FIRSTEP!

"I’m fit and active. In my forty some years of life I had never been injured, then it happened, I rolled my ankle.  This is not an area in which I have been educated. I didn’t know how badly I was hurt or the best thing to do. It didn’t seem to warrant a trip to the Emergency Room, but the next day I called my doctor, as it was swollen and painful. I wasn’t able to get in to see him for an additional two days. I used ice, but seemed to lose ground on managing the swelling, especially in bed overnight.


The diagnosis was a lateral sprain.  I was prescribed a walking boot. I would have been billed over $700, but I got the ok and found the same thing online for about half the price.  The boot was called a “fracture walker”. I found this confusing since I didn’t have a fracture. So, I decided to do some research and what I discovered made me realize what a poor experience I had with the standard health care establishment in trying to gain knowledge and care for this most common of injuries.


The method of treatment recognized as the “Gold Standard” with the Sports Medicine folks for managing pain and swelling is available as a low cost self-care item called the FirStep™ Fast Ankle Care Kit.  There is an instructional video and published articles done by top sports medicine doctors posted there.  Their “OverNight Ankle Care Plan” instructs you on the essentials for a rapid recovery. What an incredible reduction of cost, hassle and suffering. Had I only known… "

Nick M. Fort Lauderdale, FL

In Part 5 hear more testimonials from athletes and professionals about their experience using the FirStep™ kit. 

The Too Common Experience of a Learned Man – “Had he only known”

Image of a middle-aged man with dark hair, a short graying beard and his hands clasped on his chin, looking right at you.

For more information on ankle injuries and how to manage them effectively visit our library 

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