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pt. 1

Fast Ankle Care - Winning the Beginning

“The consequences of so many injuries are determined by what you do immediately after they occur” - James G. Garrick, MD a pioneer in sports medicine and major contributor to the medical literature on ankle injuries in sports.  

The three important words to know for the common ankle sprain are “TREAT IT NOW”.  First Aid skills for ankle injuries are simple and easily acquired for those willing to learn.


Ankle injuries are common, especially in sports where it’s reported 50% of the total occur. Immediate care can dramatically reduce recovery time just as delaying treatment can dramatically increase it. Medical studies show that swelling delays recovery more than any factor. So logically, the more swelling you prevent the better. Even with medical services on site, what’s done immediately may be a “season saving” difference. Whether you’re a coach, athlete, parent or just an active person, you can escape the needless suffering that swelling brings to an ankle injury with a little knowledge and some simple materials. It makes a huge difference!


Pretreatment diagnosis of an injured ankle is generally counter-productive. In fact, delaying treatment awaiting a medical diagnosis is “the big mistake” as Dr. Garrick attests.  Knowing that you can “do no harm” to the injury or person with proper first-aid is an important starting point. So, gain the confidence of a first responder by knowing the facts.


Fast Ankle Care Facts - The numbers are in your favor


85% of all ankle injuries are sprains. Of these, 85% are uncomplicated lateral sprains,

the “I rolled my ankle” injury not requiring a pretreatment diagnosis


  • Preventing/resolving swelling is the key to retaining/regaining motion and strength

  • Immediate use of a focal compression wrap is the most important first step, not ice

  • Delaying treatment is the biggest mistake you'll make with an ankle injury

  • Ankle injuries are all treated the same on the front end, regardless of severity

  • So, a diagnosis of ankle injury severity prior to an initial treatment is not needed

  • You'll do no harm by quickly applying this proper compression wrap treatment

  • Proper compression suppresses pain to a greater extent than cold therapy

  • Ice will not prevent swelling, it’s useful in helping reduce both swelling and pain

  • If you can't bear weight on the injured limb you should see a doctor ASAP

New FirStep™ self-Care that anyone can apply

Those motivated to perform are also more motivated to return to normal activity quickly post injury. Conventional methods of mainstream health providers simply lack the details required for a rapid recovery from ankle injuries. The higher an activities’ injury risk the more important it is to have a first-aid plan. Keeping a FIRSTEP™ Fast Ankle Care Kit on hand is your best insurance for a Rapid Recovery. TREAT IT NOW AND CUT RECOVERY TIME IN HALF!


In Part 2 we’ll dive into the details of this best method of early treatment for ankle injuries.

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